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The Interesting Features about Tokyo Apartments

Tokyo as the capital of Japan is said to be one of the most populated cities of the world and it has plenty of Tokyo apartments for foreigners. The city is steeped in history – that of its Royal Family, the ruin of the Second World War, and its dominance to the privileged club of wealthiest nations of the world. But still the city is young at heart. Even with its small contrasts, Tokyo remains one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tokyo apartment for foreigners have also become a way to earn a little extra money from foreigners.

Apartments in Tokyo includes of both modern and traditional styles. Two patterns of residences are predominant in modern Japan: the single-family detached house and the multiple-unit building. These can be either owned by an individual or corporation, or owned by occupants, who in turn can rent as apartments to tenants. For unmarried people, different patterns of housing includes boarding houses which are very popular among college students, dormitories used by the companies, and barracks for members of the Self-Defense Forces, police and some other public employees.

Whilst most apartment buildings and office buildings have been constructed under some strict earthquake resistant guidelines, there are many condominium apartments and detached houses that have more resistance against earthquake in central Tokyo and the suburbs. The apartments have seismic isolation structure, damping structure, and earthquake proof reinforcements. Furthermore, there are some properties that have disaster prevention measures in place such as having water well and stocking emergency supplies including food and blankets.

An Apartment in Tokyo can also be rented through real estate agents rather than landlords. Apartments are generally rented for a minimum of two years. The biggest factor is PROXIMITY to the train station and other surrounding amenities like parks and convenience stores etc. This is what really drives rental prices. So the closer Tokyo apartment is to the station the higher the rent will be.

In Tokyo, “Jo” or “Tatami” is a system of measurement. Interior sizes are measured by the size of a reed mat called a “tatami” A single tatami is 1.8 meters by 90 cm. A typical sitting room in a Japanese apartment is 6 jo which is roughly 9 square meters. This is enough room for a television, coffee table and love seat. The term Mansion is used to mention a concrete or metal-framed apartment house of typical size found in Japan.

Tokyo as the capital of Japan has a lot to offer in terms of new architecture. The modern architectures took some innovative and eye-opening examples of what 21st century architecture. Typical Tokyo apartment can be seen in all types of shapes, varied amenities, flooring either wooden or laminated.

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