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Houses in Akihabara for Otaku

Otaku is derived from a Japanese term for another’s house or family, which is also used as an honorific second-person pronoun. However, Otaku is also the term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly to anime and manga. And most of otaku electronic gadgets are found in Akihabara.  Akihabara is a place in Japan which is also called as Akihabara Electric Town for others. Located five minutes by rail from Tokyo Station, Living in an apartment here in Tokyo means you next to a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. It is a popular destination for electrical supplies. Reaching Akihabara, it is modern facility with sky scrapers. All you have to do in Akihabara is to shop… shop… and shop.
Akihabara is also called “Akiba” after a former local shrine located in central Tokyo. It has been famous for its electronics shops. It became the center of Japan’s otaku (diehard fan) culture.  There are thousands of wholesaler or retailer stores in the area. They sell all kind of technological gadgets including household electrical goods such as washer, TV, vacuum or leisure and entertainment gadgets. Also available are electronic components of various functions or sizes, even up to the least microscopic components like transistors and capacitors. Actually, all electronic equipments can be found in Akihabara.  It is also crowded with arcade machines and arcade gamers. For those who are fan of Japanese anime, manga or comic, this is the right place for you. This is the place where technology and obsession meet and given satisfaction. Food in Akihabara is also expensive. The menu is accompanied with drinks, dessert, and your choice of either playing a board game with prizes.
Akihabara has also been undergoing some major changes and redevelopment with the addition of the Akihabara Crossfield complex designed to promote Akihabara as a prime destination and center for global electronics technology and trade. It has a bit of everything.  This is the place where you could buy electronics of all sorts; play with your favorite pet while having your coffee. This is the place where youngsters come together to buy special things they want to experience with electronics, games and cards.  After the tour, you can shop for some souvenirs items too like key chain, t-shirt, Japanese dolls, sake glass, kimono and Japanese snacks. I guess, Akihabara is just a one- stop shopping destination for the electronic craze and games wizards.

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